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Hi All

I'm doing a management course on Monday and Tuesday next week, our homework for the module is to bring a half finished presentation on anything we want to work on during the course.

Was thinking I could do one on technology advances on our bikes, I think there is enough material for 15 to 20 mins - any ideas or input on content like suggesting the advances or any content links or thoughts on the benefits, including some technical details from everyone would no doubt be very interesting!

What do you think is the most important development over the years?

My very quick initial thoughts this evening are.....

1. Gear indexing
2. Suspension
a. Front suspension
b. Rear suspension
c. Coil and oil springs changing to air springs
3. Brakes
a. Cantilever to V brakes to hydraulic disc brakes
4. Geometric development
a. Longer wheelbase
b. Slacker angles
c. Longer top tubes and shorter stems
d. Wider handlebars
5. Different wheel sizes for different situations and preferences
6. Tyre design
a. Tread design
b. Material compounds
7. Dropper seat posts
8. Single ring gears

Thanks in advance if you have an opinion on this




Also you can check this whiteboard animation

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